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1993.11.12 UK BSI-QA ISO 9002 certification acquired
1997.12.19 ISO -14001 certification acquired (Korea Testing Laboratory)
2002.12.17 ISO 9001:2000 certification acquired
2004.09.02 ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification acquired
2006.11.02 ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification acquired (AL electrolytic capacitor, solid capacitor)
2010.08.19 ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification acquired (AL electrolytic capacitor, solid capacitor)
1984.12.21 First Korean manufacturer to secure IECQ accreditation
1984.12.21 SM Series product quality certification
1990.04.06 SME Series product quality certification
1994.02.25 Recertified for ISO-9002
1995.05.30 SHL Series product quality certification
2003.08.05 Recertified for ISO-9001
2004.04.13 LXZ Series product quality certification
2009.08.31 Reaccredited as IECQ manufacturer
1987.01.21 Designated as first class manufacturer by Industrial Advancement Administration
1995.08.31 Selected as one of the Top 100 Quality Management Companies by the Industrial Advancement Administration
1996.02.03 Selected as 100PPM model company by the Small and Medium Business Administration
1999.01.04 Cited for 100PPM product quality assurance (SMS, SM Series)
2000.12.26 Awarded parts and materials reliability modeling certification (KMG Series 50WV, 4.7㎌, 105℃)
2003.07.09 Sony Green-Partner certification
2004.07.23 Samsung Eco-Partner certification
2006.06.08 LGE Green Program certification